Carol Townend

Carol Townend writes atmospheric historical novels (medieval romances and sagas) set in the colourful Europe of the Middle Ages. Born in Yorkshire, England, she went to a convent school high on the Whitby cliffs. Later, she studied history at Royal Holloway College, London. She lives in London with her husband and daughter. Carol's first novel, Sapphire in the Snow, won the RNA New Writers' Award. Two other novels were shortlisted for the RoNA Rose award - Betrothed to the Barbarian in 2013 and Unveiling Lady Clare in 2015. Carol loves research, and spends much time hunting for excuses to go on research trips. She can often be seen teetering on the battlements of various European castles, or poring over a medieval map.

Blackthorn Winter

Book 2 The decades-old feud between the De Ronciers and the Herevis is first explored in the earlier book The Stone Rose. The second book in an involving and heart-rending series about a family feud in Twelfth Century Brittany. Arlette de Roncier, the young and innocent daughter of Count François de Roncier, one of the most ruthless …

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Leaves on the Wind

Loving the Enemy…After Judith Coverdale saw her family’s estate razed to the ground by Normans, she vowed to avenge her family’s honor. She donned a boy’s disguise and joined a band of outlaws, led by her brother, to terrorize the invaders.When disaster struck, Judith found herself in the strong arms of the great warrior Rannulf …

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Shattered Vows

TRAPPED! CAN LOVE FREE HER? Rosamund Miller longs for the lord’s handsome squire, but is forced to wed another. And now she must face the dreaded custom of droit de seigneur, the lord’s right to bed a new bride in King Stephen’s England.  Warrior Oliver de Warenne is determined to become a knight, to gain wealth …

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